Buy Spanish White Wines

Not so long ago it was said "the best Spanish White is a Red". However, over the past twenty five years the wine makers of Spain have brought up the quality of their white wines to very high standards and, more importantly, are bringing their variety to the consumer at competitive prices.
Travelling with one’s palate is one of life’s great pleasures and the regions of Spain provide superb examples and somewhere in Spain is a white wine to suit your taste. The wine producing area of Castille and León, with its capital city of Rueda, permits the great vintners such as Marqués de Riscal to produce superb whites. Ask for any “Rueda” and you will not go wrong.
Travelling North West from Rueda, visit Galicia to taste the Albariño wines, which are full of fruit, and a delicious compliment to the local cuisine, especially the seafood. This pleasure is no longer restricted to Galicia and the Albariño wines are readily available in the UK.
The Rioja area produces some delicious white wines where the tradition of aging in oak barrels is kept alive and the Chardonnay grape is used extensively. Torres are the big producers around Barcelona where they grow many varieties of grapes and produce a huge range of white wines. There has been so much improvement in Spanish white wines and the reasons could be that the wine makers are not frightened to experiment with different grapes such as Moscatel, Sauvignon Blanc, Garnacho, Gerwertztraminer and many other grapes grown on the rolling sun blessed slopes of Spain and the producers have sought the advice of the very best wine makers from France and beyond. So there is no need to wander around Europe tasting, when all the grapes you need are in Spain.
One last bit of information on Rueda wines, assuming they suit your palate, move up a step and ask for a Rueda Verdejo which has to have a minimum of 85% Verdejo grape. This grape is believed to have come to Spain with the Moors who dominated Spain for seven centuries. They changed the life on the Iberian peninsular and this wine might change your life.