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Highland single malt Scotch whisky A complex process that yields an astounding result - the smoothy peated yet perfectly balanced liquid that is The Ardmore. Traditionally handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands, The Ardmore distillery has been watched over by a family of rare eagles, since 1898. This is a place, and indeed a process, that brings man, might and metal together is a celebration of the raw power of nature. Taste: Light, silky peat-smoke & creamy vanilla, balanced with sweet honey & spice Founded in 1898 by Wm. Teacher & Sons, The Ardmore distillery has continued to uphold traditional distilling methods, using only the aromatic smoke from natural, Highland peat fires to dry its malted barley. The Ardmore Legacy celebrates these age old traditions with a liquid that is peated yet light, sweet and uplifting.
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Ardmore Legacy Single Malt
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