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Stella Artois Lager Bottle description

Stella Artois Lager Bottle is a popular Lager available from Tesco Groceries in 284ml to buy online. Visit Tesco Groceries for the best price for 284ml of Stella Artois Lager Bottle or compare prices on our other Lager products. A great Belgian Pilsner created with a combination of hops, maize and water. This is the classic european lager which is unsurprisingly the most popular in the United Kingdom. With over 6 Centuries of brewing tradition this is the perfect drink everytime. A great 'short' bottle, 330ml being the standard size, this is perfect for a goblet.

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You can buy Stella Artois Lager Bottle online in most retailers and find it in the Lager aisle in supermarkets but we found the best deals online for Stella Artois Lager Bottle in Tesco Groceries, Asda Groceries, Sainsburys, Morrisons Online, DrinkSupermarket.com, Waitrose, and others. Compare the current price of Stella Artois Lager Bottle in 284ml size in the table of offers below. Simply click on the button to order Stella Artois Lager Bottle online now.

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