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Viru Estonian Beer

Viru Estonian Beer

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'Viru' (pronounced 'veer-roo') is a premium 5% lager brewed in Estonia. Unique in its quality, heritage and packaging, Viru is rapidly becoming the Baltic states' most famous export. 'Viru' is a traditional name for an area of land on the Baltic coast once inhabited by a Finnic tribe known as Vironians. Originally named 'Virumaa', the land now forms part of northern Estonia, a region known for the precious stone Amber. The finest regional ingredients are combined by the master brewer using an authentic export recipe to produce a superb pilsner style beer that stands proud amongst many of its more famous European brothers. Perfectly balanced spring water is drawn from one of Europe's deepest wells. Only the best quality barley is selected from the pure grain fields of Lithuania and famous Saaz hops from the Czech Republic complete the short but classic list of local produce used to make Viru. Brewed in the university town of Tartu, Viru is packaged in a sleek octahedral bottle said to be based on the famous churches and towers of old Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Though the design is over 100 years old, the bottle has a very contemporary feel and gives the brand a major point of difference. It sits comfortably in the bars and restaurants of London and Milan. Clean, refreshing with a light hoppy flavour and gentle vanilla tones, Viru is clearly recognisable as a quality beer in a stylish bottle and is quickly growing its status as an international brand.

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