Help using Bring a Bottle

How do I search for my favorite wine ?

If you’re a big fan of Moet et Chandon then simply type in the brand at the top of the page, the results will then display allowing you to narrow down the options to select your favourite tipple.

How do I search for a type of wine ?

We all love a certain type of wine so simply type what you’re looking for (e.g. Chardonnay) into the search box, the brands are then displayed along with the cheapest from that brand, you can then narrow down your selection.

Are the prices the same as from the online shops ?

We update our stock lists every day so the prices are as close as possible to the online retailers.

Why are some products more expensive on retailers websites ?

Our prices include delivery and other costs so they may appear slightly more expensive than retailers websites but this will become the same after the checkout process is complete on the retailers website.

What suppliers do you use ?

We currently check stock lists from Waitrose, Majestic Wine, Adnams, Tesco Wine, Asda, Drink Supermarket, The Drink Shop, John Lewis and other Online retailers, there are over 14,000 products so you’ll never be short of choice.

Why are all the prices displayed even if they are not the cheapest ?

Sometimes you may not wish to buy the cheapest, even if it is a few pounds less, for example if you’re collecting points from that retailer or you’ve used them before and are happy with their service.

Do I have to register ?

Bring a Bottle is designed to be as simple as possible to use, you don’t have to register, ‘Like’ us on Facebook or any of that other stuff to use the service. Simply search for what you need and choose the cheapest price.

How much is delivery ?

Delivery costs vary and are factored into the price that we display giving you the ‘real’ price of the product on your doorstep.

What is in the Newsletter ?

The newsletter is a round up of the information supplied on our site, it’s delivered weekly so you don’t have to keep checking back to the site. There are the ‘bargains’ of the week as well as lots of ideas and offers that are tailored to you.

Do I qualify for a Trade / Corporate account ?

Bring a Bottle is a price comparison site so we do not sell directly, do check the prices against your supplier though as they may be cheaper.

How do I contact Bring a Bottle ?

If you’re a customer then simply email [email protected],if it’s a corporate or media enquiry then please email [email protected]